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Camozzi C-Truck fittings for air brake systems

Camozzi C-Truck fittings for air brake systems

Series C-Truck fittings have been designed to connect the tubes in the pneumatic braking system of commercial vehicles and trailers. During development the focus was on reliability and ease of assembly.

After a tube is connected to the fitting, the tube can again be removed by using a dedicated C-Truck release tool, thus the fitting can remain mounted in the treaded port of the air brake system.

Each fitting has a rubber cap, to protect against dirt and water.
Series C-Truck fittings are certified and produced acc. IATF 16949:2016 standards.

O-rings and protective cap are produced from NBR rubber and thus are resistant to oil. Series C-Truck fittings are supplied pre-assembled and are therefore ready to use.

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