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EV Charging Reel for electric cars

EV Charging Reel for electric cars

Mavel has come up with and designed a convenient automatic reel, the EV charging reel, the perfect accessory for your wall box.

Thanks to our EV charging reel, the electric cable used to charge your car will always be unwound to the perfect length, thereby avoiding the annoyance of it resting on the ground, exposed to dirt and pollutants, in addition to risking its rapid deterioration. Perfect for private use, corporate car parks, hotel garages and any location where having a charging source on hand is a necessity.

The EV charging reel comes with a 5 m cable with type 2 connectors (on the wall box side), and your choice of type 1 or type 2 connectors on the car side.

Download brochure for the Mavel EV Charging Reel

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