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Business continuity of Camozzi Group Companies during Covid-19 outbreak

Business continuity of Camozzi Group Companies during Covid-19 outbreak

We inform that the production lines of Camozzi Group Companies are running and all the services and assistance are guaranteed to our customers worldwide.

With reference to the restrictions decided by the Official Authorities in Italy for the containment of the Covid-19 outbreak – especially the Prime Minister’s Decree of March 8,2020 – we confirm the decree does not affect our business processes even included transportation of goods.

Camozzi Group has implemented all special prevention and control measures in compliance with the principles and the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization and the Italian Ministry of Health in coordination with the Italian Ministries.

Camozzi Group donates 8 lung ventilators to the main two hospitals of Brescia to enhance the intensive terapy units

The Camozzi Group is among the main manufacturing companies of components for the production and operation of lung ventilators around the world. SIARE Engineering requested 20.000 components and 3 types of integrated systems essential for the production of 125 ventilators per week.

Camozzi Group supports the health emergency that has struck the country and especially the Lombardy Region and the Province of Brescia by donating 8 lung ventilators to Spedali Civili and Poliambulanza, the two main hospitals in the city of Brescia mostly involved in assisting the local population affected by the Covid-19 virus.

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