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Pneumatic Impactor for emptying of tanks

Pneumatic Impactor for emptying of tanks

The Hafner KFZ-080 pneumatic impactor is converting pneumatic energy from compressed air into mechanical energy. It generates impulses comparable to a hitting hammer for knocking stubborn residues from walls, pipes and containers. Using the impactor also simplifies the process of emptying tanks, silos or other reservoirs.

The maximum switching frequency of 540 strokes per minute enables a rapid loosening of materials from the reservoir wall. The frequency can be adjusted by an integrated flow regulator valve. The impactor is operated by an oscillating valve which is fixed on the outside. It automatically starts its operation once pressure is applied.

The A KFZ-080 SET adapter plate makes the Hafner impactor compatible with the old LOK 70 impactor which has been widely used in the industry.  

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