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Compact AVA electric actuators

Compact AVA electric actuators

AVA electric actuators are compact but very versatile actuators. The products range covers torque values 20-400 Nm. Working angle for the actuators is 0-90o as standard but the maximum angle of rotation is 0-360o. The housing is made of ABS plastics but as an option the housings can be ordered in aluminium. The actuators are available with several input voltages.

The different actuator models are intuitively numbered to simplify selection – AVA-20 has a torque output of 20Nm, the AVA-50 produces 50Nm and so on. The standard range includes six actuators: AVA-20, AVA-50, AVA-80, AVA-110, AVA-200 and AVA-400. All actuators can be ordered as Basic or Smart versions.

AVA Basic actuators are traditional actuators and they are used only as on/off -devices and their movement is controlled by micro-switches. AVA Smart actuators, on the other hand, are digitally programmed and they are equipped with OLED screens and external push buttons.

AVA electric actuators can be ordered with many features such as Fail Safe -function, HI-SPEED (up to 1 sec./direction), modulation, timer, wireless operation and BUS-connection. Further technical details are available through the link below:

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